TONFUN 2019 New Year inscription
发布时间:2019-01-05 10:20:26

A new chapter in the spectrum of trials and hardships


When the snow falls quietly, the bell of the New Year is going to ring, 2019 comes as expected, the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China meet here, people spontaneously feel happy to meet the feelings of the great era, but also to participate in the heroic creation of a great history. At this moment, let us wish to thank the customers of the same trade, wish to help the friends, wish to get along with colleagues, I wish all of  you a happy New Year!

Looking back at 2018, the world is going through ups and downs. The future of Britain's "hard brexit" is uncertain, France's "yellow vest movement" has not yet ended, the United States has waved a big stick at major trading partners, and Sino-US trade frictions have had ups and downs. Walking in the gray and black areas of P2P large area of mines, fake and inferior vaccines detonated public anger to their own fault; The Chongqing bus incident tells us that we are all in the same fast car, who is not a bystander who cannot get out of the way. 2018 is a year of capital craze. Block chain is so hot that even Chinese DAMA takes part in it. 2018 is also a year when capital cools down. Sharing bicycles dissipates and ends in a mess. 2018 has a hot spot, Jingdong, DIDI are not easy; 2018 have surprises, the party central committee under the state council shall be held to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening to the general assembly, commending conference 100 "reform pioneer", released lists hundreds of outstanding private entrepreneurs 40 years of reform and opening-up, Science and innovation board, into the expo, 5 g era... Many key words outline the road ahead of the wonderful signpost. In 2018, many iconic figures took their time alone like burnt-out stars. From hawking at the beginning of the year to jin yong at the end of the year, we lament that we hold our wrists in disbelief...

The past year has been an extraordinary one, both for China and for us. Ups and downs, 100 ships contend for flow, brave stand tide head, head up against difficulties, do not say defeat, do not fear, stand more upright posture in the wind and waves. In this year, we undertook the first overseas reactor of "Hualong no. 1", the first overseas reactor of "Hualong no. 2 unit (K project)" reactor in Karachi, Pakistan. This year, we won the bid for the national thermal power demonstration project --Anhui Pingshan phase ii single unit capacity of 1350MW ultra-supercritical unit, single unit capacity of the world's largest, efficient ultra-clean coal power generation technology leading the world; This year, to accelerate the implementation of the "master of the domestic liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors" strategy, successively delivered in Sinopec Zhenhai refining, refining, Tahe Jinan refinery and petrochemical, China shipping sample project of Taizhou, Petrochina Daqing petrochemical equipment, to further expand the liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors in the high-end industrial application in the field of new space; This year, we introduced ASME standards, organized dozens of special training and on-site practice, aiming at high-end European and American markets; In this year, we invested more than 4 million Yuan to upgrade production and quality control equipment, build VCTS - 800 vacuum pump product full performance test platform and SATS-400 vacuum pump wet test platform against the international advanced level, which greatly enhanced the company's product research and development ability and improved the consumer experience. n this year, we successfully registered the English trademark "TONFUN" in the European Union, Russia and India, explored the way to "One Belt And One Road" and promoted the internationalization Tonfun. There is a power that is being released from our bodies; There is a sense of responsibility, is firmly flowing from our eyes, there is a quality, from our production line to the global... The wonderful 2018 has left a trail of hard work and nurtured infinite vitality and hope. The pace of time never stops; the pace of struggle never stops.


As a traditional equipment manufacturing industry, our products are widely used in the industrial field. The logic of technology has been applied for hundreds of years. How to innovate and develop in the future, how to formulate policies and measures for operation and management to cope with the new changes in the market are what we need to study. Strategic become more ecology to adapt to the new business environment. The primary feature of ecology is the diversity of species (business, product, service), which is used to cope with complexity and change. Ecological economy can reduce the cost of innovation and can gather many related but different elements together. In the future, the competition between enterprises will be the ecological system. The customer inside turns, the customer wants to become the important member of the enterprise. Customer is the enterprise existence reason, around the customer of any important changes, will have a significant impact to the enterprise, in the past we resort to the understanding of customers, research to design products and services, the future trend is more and more like the community enterprises, customers become residents, constant interaction with the enterprise, put forward opinions to customize products, With the customer volume, business operations will be online, intelligent. In the future, the intelligent ability will become the core element of the enterprise, infiltrating into all links of operation -- from customer attraction, communication and order formation, to intelligent design, production scheduling, goods preparation, intelligent production, intelligent logistics, and then to intelligent customer service and so on. Customers get better products and services at the same time, the shape and also to promote the development of enterprises. Enterprise becomes a platform to empower a line of individuals. Enterprise plat formed can be understood as the micro foundation supporting the above three trends. Only by plat formed can enterprises allow customers to be more "involved" in various operational activities of enterprises, better implement intelligent operation and create an ecological system. Not only Internet enterprises but also enterprises in traditional industries are doing so. Innovation and reform should be carried out on a daily basis. One of the changes that people feel is that every once in a while, something changes -- whether it's active or passive, innovation changes on a daily basis. Quite a few companies have been left behind because they can't keep up with the pace of change.

Of course, we are deeply aware that under the new normal of the economy, the real economy is not optimistic, the traditional general machinery industry is facing difficulties in boosting, and the internal and external competition environment is increasingly intensified. However, the winner is powerful, since the winner is strong. No matter what kind of difficulties we face, we will strengthen our muscles and bones, and practice our internal skills. We will uphold the spirit of craftsman, increase the strength of product technology innovation, and constantly improve the core competitiveness of enterprises with product force, brand force and promotion force as the main content. Prehistorically powers can reach a new high. In the New Year, we will continue to strengthen investment in research and development, carry out in-depth industry-university-research cooperation with industrial partners, universities and scientific research institutions, strengthen the function of TONFUN's enterprise technology center, make it truly the birthplace of enterprise technology and product innovation, and continuously improve TONFUN's product strength. Strengthen the joint innovation input of the core components of the supply chain, cooperate to build the ecological industrial chain, and enhance the brand power of the industry with leading products and services and consumer experience; Pay more attention to technical communication, business investigation and sample project combination, implement the fine process management of project operation to enhance the promotion ability; Adhere to the human resources strategy of elite + elite, adhere to the professional line and management line double ladder double emphasis on mechanism, to create a strong sense of mission, with professional skills of the cadre team, pay attention to the development of professional and technical personnel, give priority to promote and motivate core contributors. We need to transform and upgrade the "steering wheel", hold the "cow nose" of product and technological innovation, enhance the quality of carving and improve service "ballast", and play a good combination of technological innovation and management innovation. We set out from the foundation accumulated in the 30 years of entrepreneurship with a firm heart. As long as everyone in TONFUN unites their love for the factory, their ambition to strengthen the factory, and their trip to the factory, we will surely realize our vision with dreams and forge ahead with perseverance. The dream of a great enterprise is the dream of the common future of enterprises, users, society and the country.

All the past is preface. Looking back is for the better.futhure In 2019, it will be a time when people will be more anxious to wander in the middle of the ship and the mountain path will be steeper. It will be a time when it will be more and more difficult to advance or retreat. We will face unprecedented development pressure, unprecedented market test and unprecedented unknown challenge. The global economy has become more uncertain and unstable, while the domestic economy has experienced some fluctuations in stability and worries. We must always keep a clear head, always maintain a sense of crisis, always maintain the posture of struggle, can not leave the perseverance, the ability to do, the vitality of innovation. More important than knowledge is determination, more important than method is responsibility. In the face of difficulties, we should neither be arrogant nor humble. For us, ups and downs are the norm, weather or shine is the state of mind, trials and hardships are the state, and the new era is the era of strivers. We firmly believe that as long as we do not forget the original heart, keep in mind the mission, firm faith, unremitting struggle, we will be able to fight new wonderful in the new era, write a more brilliant new chapter of TONFUN.