The engineering technology center of the company realizes product integrated development management (IPD), constantly summarizes various kinds of innovation work, and declares more than 20 national patents. Actively build an industry-university-research platform, cooperate with the college of materials of Huazhong University of science and technology, and jointly build the "Tonfun pump alloy material engineering and technology research center" to research and develop European and American standard alloy materials in the field of industrial pumps. In cooperation with the college of energy and power of Huazhong university of science and technology, the research on flow field of liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor based on CFD was carried out, and the "one kind of corrosion-resistant water ring vacuum pump" obtained national invention patent. "A large water ring vacuum pump", "complete set of vacuum equipment for extraction of condensers for steam turbine of nuclear power plant with million kilowatts" "A large double cone liquid ring vacuum pump" obtained the national utility model patent. Hubei Tonfun High-Tech Pump CO., LTD. phase ii expansion project "ultra-supercritical thermal power unit steam turbine condensers empty vacuum complete equipment volume production project" has received the state ministry of industry and information technology key industrial revitalization central financial special fund support. Technical innovation is becoming the booster of the rapid development of Hubei Tonfun High-Tech Pump CO., LTD. .