The company's main leading products include 2BE1, 2BE5, 2BEP and 2BEV single-stage plane liquid ring vacuum pumps. CL type single cone liquid ring vacuum pump; TFAT, TFTC double cone liquid ring vacuum pump; 2BW4 and TFVP power vacuum complete sets; 2bw6/2bw7/2bw8 series chemical plant; 2BEY/2BK/TFC high school low pressure liquid ring compressor and complete set of equipment; ZWY mobile gas drainage pump station for mining; XLB type large vertical oblique flow pump, CPP type, LC type vertical long shaft pump; TFGS, S, SAP single - stage double - suction centrifugal pump; D type, DY type, DF type horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump; MD type, MD (P) type horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump for wear resistance (self-balancing type) in mines; TFL and TFW horizontal single stage centrifugal pumps are widely used in power, petrochemical, steel, coal, chemical, paper, mineral processing, urban water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, water engineering and many other industries. Annual output of all kinds of pump products are 3000 sets, production value is nearly RMB200 million.